haitians helping haitians

Who Benefits

We are passionate about seeing sustainable growth in every facet of Haitian livelihood. Our aim is to support Haitian institutions that will bring benefit to the Haitian people.


As we support business, education, and technology, the people of Haiti will see more opportunities for improving their lives and investing in their futures.


Entrepreneurs will have the resources for growing businesses and contributing to an improving economy.


Focusing on education will help equip people with the tools needed for creating better opportunities.

Who We Are

Kwasans Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization that provides funding, opportunity, and other valuable resources for Haitian entrepreneurs, in order to sustain social and economic good for their communities. Entrepreneurship is interdisciplinary, so the Foundation focuses on equipping the Haitian people with the resources necessary for success in any setting, whether it is technology, services, retail, or social ventures.